Roti Jala

Where I grew up, these were served as an alternative to rice/ rotis. They are called ‘lace’ bread. But the taste is more like ‘lace light pancakes’.
They’re much lighter and it’s savoury compared to pancakes.. Both great criteria in my ongoing pursuit of putting less sugar in my diet.

Roti Jala


300 gm plain flour (used Wheat Atta flour)
4 cups coconut milk
2 eggs
Jala mold or clean empty ketchup squeeze bottle
Salt to taste or about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon


1. Blend all the ingredients together till no lumps. Sift. Consistency should be like heavy cream, flowing but not too watery.


2. Prepare non stick pan, use cooking spray if needed. Prep work area as such:

Jala mold in a tall-ish cup/deep bowl, on top of a receiving plate to ensure drippings don’t occur around work area.

Larger plate/container to contain finished product


3. Test a little on a gentle heat, batter should flow through the holes in the mold in a steady stream. If it flows out in droplets, it could be stuck with lumps in the mold or need to add more water in the batter.


4. hover mold (with batter) over pan in a zig zag criss crossing pattern to create a ‘lace’. Don’t be greedy, too much batter and it will look more like a pan cake than a lace.


5. Once you start seeing the edges turn slightly brown, it is done. Fold over into half and half again. Stack up neatly to serve.


6. Eat with curry, or dip in sugar with coconut milk.


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