Ooey Gooey Microwave Chocolate Cake

CAUTION: This is NOT a healthy cake! If you’re looking for some indulgence. If the last time you had cake was 2 months ago. If you don’t mind going on the tread mill for another hour, this cake is for you. Yes, you’ve seen them floating around the internet for the past few years. Most…

Portuguese Chicken

When my taste buds crave for excitement, there is only 1 go-to recipe! Peri Peri chicken.. you know… spicy, lemony, exciting! My husband has Portuguese blood in him this is on our menu regularly. He says its like so exciting, it is like an aphrodisiac! How blessed I am!  Should I be cooking this more?

Roti Jala

Where I grew up, these were served as an alternative to rice/ rotis. They are called ‘lace’ bread. But the taste is more like ‘lace light pancakes’. They’re much lighter and it’s savoury compared to pancakes.. Both great criteria in my ongoing pursuit of putting less sugar in my diet.

No knead bread

I have been dreaming of the smells of warm fresh bread in the morning. I needed a recipe that was easy to prepare, few ingredients and fool proof. This one beats all the rest down to only 5 ingredients and tastes so good eaten on its own!

Singapore Style Soft Boiled Eggs

Believe it or not, this, to the untrained tongue is simply ‘uncooked’. But we in South East Asia eat this on a regular basis, sometimes every morning. It’s surprisingly easy to make it at home.

Vietnamese Cold Spring Rolls (Goi Cuon)

Ho Chi Min City made a mark on us when we visited in 2010. The many motorbikes on the roads, the early risers who take exercise seriously, and the hardworking nature of the Vietnamese folk is something to be admired. We first tasted this fresh little parcel of a spring roll in a Vietnamese

Peach and Mango Yoghurt Muffins – Low fat, low sugar

This was a wimp of a fancy. Ever since I was young, I had been on an automatic look out for food that my diabetic parents can also enjoy. And in recent years, I have also been able to modify recipes on a trial and error basis to make it suit our palettes. This recipe…

Chwee Kueh

Wikipedia describes it as: “Chwee kueh (or chwee kway) (Chinese: 水粿 literally “water rice cake”) is a type of steamed rice cake, a cuisine of Singapore and Johor.” Of course it is cheap in Singapore. A mere dollar and I get to enjoy it immediately. But nothing beats making it with your own hands. Eating…